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The word scrapbook comes from the English scrap, which means cutouts, and book, which is translated as a book or album. So, we could just call it a "scrapbook".

So, why not gather your best photos in a creative and personalized way? This is the art of making a scrapbook, that is, you can assemble your memory albums using artistic tools and working with different materials, using all your artistic skills. Over time you will fall in love, as anyone who is adept in this art guarantees that putting together such an album is much more than just cutting and pasting. It's therapy!

The hours will also flit and the kids will love being part of this project.

Let your imagination run wild and use your creativity to create a super personalized album with your own style. On the internet there are a wide content of inspirations to help you get started.

What do I need to start?

• Basic kit: cutting base, decorated and colored papers, ruler (steel ones are recommended) scissors, cutters, glue and double-sided tape.

• Interesting optional items: stamps, handmade scissors, hole punchers, guillotine, letter templates or drawings, cutters, punch stamps, stickers, etc.

• To decorate: flowers, satin ribbons, buttons, rhinestones, pearls, glitter, patchwork, colored ribbons, lace, molds, ready-made ornaments, EVA cuts, etc. You can create the pages of your album by cutting out shapes and combining materials as you prefer.

Travel scrapbook


Choose a special occasion like kids, travel, weddings, births and get started. Did you know that in order to put together an album of this type, the inspirations must begin even during the trip? Write down all the details of the places visited and keep everything you can like postcards, tickets, stamps and, of course, take lots of photos, as the best ones will be used in the album.

Let the therapy begin! Glue, paper, scissors, photographs and lots of fun are waiting for you!

Make someone happy

A scrapbook created by you is an unforgettable gift for those who receive it. An affection done in the smallest details to show someone how special she is. Do you already know who the next gift will be for?

Images: Pinterest

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