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The traditional decoration with picture frame is always an excellent option. After all, it was from the classic picture frames that the most modern decorating ideas with photographs emerged. No matter what your choice, the charm is in how you will expose the most special moments of your life.


To decorate with picture frames, we must follow some basic requirements, such as the arrangement of the pieces, the chosen material, the theme of the photo and the style of the frame.


Always keep these tips in mind fot not making mistakes when decorating with picture frames.




Forget all about symmetry. You can create visual effects with your frames respecting other principles of decoration, such as unity and balance. So you can mix parts and materials in a harmonic way.


Always consider that the photo frames need to be seen, so the largest ones will be behind and the exhibition site must allow viewing from any angle. Picture frames exposed in a more difficult or very wide viewing area (corner or round furniture) require a triangular exposure.


Tip: the shelves form a baseline and this allows greater freedom in choosing the size of the picture frames.




It is necessary to pay close attention to the size of the pieces. Everything will depend on the physical space you have. Respect the limits of your area by drawing an imaginary boundary on your wall, shelves, furniture. This imaginary line will allow you to adjust the appropriate sizes of the frames to the visual balance.




The quality of the frame deserves special attention. The best pieces have good quality materials and finishes, tend to have more beautiful frames and are usually more resistant - they are usually more expensive too. A good choice of pieces will guarantee not only the beauty of your decoration but also the functionality of the composition.

It is ideal to maintain a standard when choosing picture frames so that the elements of your decor are reflected in them. This will avoid buying anything just because it looks beautiful, but being kept in the closet with the feeling that it doesn't suit your environment.


More classic decorations call for more traditional frames in neutral tones and patterns. Wood frames work very well in a more rustic decor. A more modern decoration looks great with colorful frames and different formats.

Break the monotony in sizes and formats, but try to use a single line when choosing the material and texture (wood, silver, mirrored). The use of different frames within the decoration of the chosen environment will make you obtain more beautiful results and also guarantee more attractive and elegant spaces. It's your choice!


Tip: remember that the frame must also be chosen from the back side and must have a good finish, since the object can be seen from all angles, depending on where you place them.




To create a more harmonious decoration, the ideal is to group the images by theme such as travel, family, friends, children. Look for photos that represent your best moments and sector the frames according to these criteria, arranging each group of themes in specific places in your home.

Tip: avoid very intimate photos of the family in places where they will receive guests. Leave photos of private moments in the rooms and intimate hall of the house.




Good lighting is always a priority in any interior design project to enhance every detail of the decor. And with frames it couldn't be different. Position the parts so that they are always favored by indirect or diffuse lighting. This prevents the reflected material in the photos from creating unwanted spotlights in the room.



There is no rule to be followed as to the rooms where the frames will be used. The important thing is that you have adequate physical space so that the elements are not disorganized, that they are not at risk of falling, or even that they do not seem out of place within the project that you thought.

We usually use picture frames in the living room, in the TV room, in the entrance hall and also in the bedrooms, but that does not mean that they cannot be presented in other rooms. As long as you choose interesting models and colors for the frames, the use of this type of decoration in the corridors, in the leisure area and even in the kitchen gives a creative and fun air to these environments.

Reserve the living room and the spaces to receive people to expose your photos with more quality and greater production - that's why it's important to renew the photos from time to time with professional essays.


• For offices or home-office, use black and white images, this type of composition contributes with the sobriety necessary to work environments.


• For a rustic decoration, it can be interesting to use picture frames such as those made of wood without varnish or even materials of rustic finish.


• For decorating modern environments, prefer the use of pieces made of brushed metal or mirror finish.


It must be kept in mind that the look of the frames must be in harmony with the composition of the environment.


Tip: whenever you make a composition, always pay attention to the depth of the furniture and intercalate the sizes, opting for three different bases. This will allow for a lighter and less tiring visual effect.

Images: Pinterest

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