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Over the years, the passion for my work has made me even more interested in the uses that photographs can have in our daily lives.

With each reading on the Internet or in print media I was collecting information that I thought could be used at some point not only by me but by a large quantity of people. Initially I only shared it with close friends and family. I took advantage of good ideas and put them into practice in my personal and professional routines. They are, for example, information on how to use printed photographs in the decoration of the house and special events, how to assemble traditional albums and make scrapbooks, and even make games to play with family, among others. I also took advantage of many tips for organizing digital photos, not only on the computer but when storing on external media.

From now on, I would like to share all of this content with you in the hope that you like it and that you can put it into practice just like I did. Enjoy it!

Great ideas is a compilation of contents available for reading on the Internet. The texts were adapted from Ale Ribeiro to her needs and interests, and any errors or damages that may happen in the application of tips by readers are not her responsibility.

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