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Print your photos. This will ensure that you never lose your files again.

You have 4 good reasons to put together a photo album.

• passes from generation to generation

• serves to tell stories

• reduces the chance of losing photos

• facilitates visualization compared to the computer

What care should I take with my albums?

There are some precautions that will help you to keep your photos in good condition.

Printed photos must be stored in albums without glue, because if they need to be reorganized, they will not be damaged when having to take off.

• Printed photos must not be exposed to heat, direct light and moisture, as they deteriorate more quickly. So choose carefully where you will display your photographs.

Albums are one of the best ways to protect your photos, as the content is kept inside and the risk of damage is minimized - in addition to allowing you to personalize each one, complementing the story of each photo.


Separate your photos in chronological order and define the categories, because this way you know the number of albums that will be necessary for your organization.

Scan your photos

This is also a way of backup, because for those who have photo albums, it is important to have a guarantee for them.

Digitizing your photos is the safest way to save a photo today. Start with the oldest ones, which have already started the deterioration process. The sooner you start the scanning process, the faster you will ensure that these photos are saved safely.

How to choose your albums

For the choice of your album there are no secrets. Take into account your personal taste and follow a pattern of color, size or “motifs” to facilitate viewing when finding the album you are looking for.

Internally, choose the format that best fits your photos. It is always better to choose a model with captions so that you don't have to write behind the photos. This is a bad habit because the ink used can be transferred to the photos and damage them. 

Tip: cleaning. Before placing your photos in the album, use a flannel to clean and remove dust.

Tip: redoing albums. If you want to redo an old photo album, use dental floss to remove the photos that are pasted or those that are stored in the bottom of forgotten drawers or boxes.

Special - Photobooks

A very interesting idea is photobooks or albums with photographic printing. The print quality is excellent and you will be able to choose all the details of your work from the format, going through the cover material to the layout of the pages, and little by little a story will come up full of unforgettable moments. This type of album is ideal to immortalize the most special moments.

As a photographer I always suggest this type of album to my clients, as the result and durability are excellent.

Special - Annual albums

Another idea if you do not want to have a multitude of albums around the house is to make the famous annual album. How about you have in one single album everything that lived for a year? All the trips, the special tours, all the conquests, the day-to-day games, the family gatherings and parties, and everything else that is worth staying in that year.

Tip: mini albums. Try to assemble mini albums with the best photos from your vacation trips and use them as decorative objects. I guarantee that you will travel a lot more times during the year, even if it is indoors.

Tip: take your time. I know that this whole process of choosing, deleting, tearing and organizing can be a long and very nostalgic process. After all, when looking at the photos you will be sent to the past. So rest assured, do all this in your time and, little by little, your photos will all be organized.

Try to involve others in this organizational process. You will smile by reviewing so many special moments. Children love to discover and recognize themselves in these memories. It's a playful way to tell their story. The laughter is guaranteed and the time will fly by!

Images: Pinterest

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