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Some people prefer to have the photos in hand. No worries. You can use organizer boxes, folders, envelopes or files for this.

The rule will always be the same. First of all, you must define the criteria of your organization, whether for family photos, trips, friends, events, birthdays, etc. A good way to start is categorizing each group of photos into envelopes and use "post it" to identify each envelope. The goal is to ensure that no photo is out of order.

Then arrange each envelope in chronological order. Again, remember the importance of dates, because when you need to find a special photo, it will be easier if they are organized and separated by dates.

Tip: take the opportunity to separate photos that need to be restored.

Tip: If you want to delete a photo, I suggest you to cut it out before throwing in the trash.

When this process is over, just define where you will keep your photos. Check your space and decide between boxes, chests, envelopes or files. Don't forget to identify each box by the category you have separated before.

Important: in the case of very old photos, it is interesting to separate them with tissue paper or parchment paper for their conservation (this tip is also useful for other photos, if possible). If you have decided to keep these photos, it is because they are special and therefore deserve to be stored carefully.

A year box

The idea of ​​bringing together all the good times experienced during the year can also work very well. Separate and print your best photos monthly and place them inside your memory box. Imagine when you open this box at the end of the year and review how many good things you have experienced! It will be amazing!

Tip: store your photo boxes in places with low temperature and low humidity. In general, for color photos, high temperature makes the colors fading easily.

Travel boxes

The photos were made to be seen. So how about having them in a box used in your home decor? Choose a box model or customize yours with the subway map you brought in from your last trip. You can also use a vintage style travel bag.

Tip: once in a while open your boxes, relive the moments, remember the details of that day, travel again and smile!

Images: Pinterest

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