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Photographs are records of moments that have marked your life in some way, so there is nothing better than having them in your home decor. It's a way for you to be always remembering that special moment and not forgetting your photos inside your computer or on your cell phone.


There are several creative ways for you to place them in the various environments of your home and make your corner even more beautiful and special.


Select the photos by categories: old photos, architectural landmarks, trips, children, etc.


Choose the frames and create a gallery. To position the pictures on the wall, neither the frames nor the sizes need to be the same. The ideal is that everything has harmony, but that the outer sides are aligned.


Avoiding wrong holes in the wall


Before putting the pictures on the wall, follow this step by step on how to set up a gallery of pictures and avoid going out by making wrong or unnecessary holes.


1 - Select the frames to use


2 - Cut out paper the size of each frame


3 - Place the frames on the floor in the way you think best. With masking tape stick the cutouts on the wall according to what you mounted on the floor


4 - Check if the wall mounting is exactly what you want, otherwise just change the papers


5 - Drill the wall or put a nail using the paper as a measure to know the center where to fix


6 - Finally, remove the papers and fix the frames.


Using your creativity


Where should I use? A photo wall can be mounted in any room: entrance hall, living room, bedroom, corridor or on the wall that accompanies the stairs.


Tip: don't want to hang it? Using "mini-shelves" to support photo frames is a very interesting option in hallways.

Tip: keep a default. Choose a pattern to avoid making mistakes in the composition. Choose the same type of frame or the same type of photo finish (all in black and white for example).


The images that bring back good memories deserve to be displayed as if it were a photo gallery, transforming their environments into even more pleasant places.

Images: Pinterest

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