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How about making a puzzle with a good image of your family? Do you ike this idea? I will give you the step by step of how to do it and I assure that children will love to play with it.

How to make it

1 - Choose the photo you want to turn into a puzzle and enlarge it to the size you want to create. Remember that the photo must have a good resolution. Normally A4 and A3 are the recommended sizes. You can do this with a home printer or, if possible, going to a photo store for better resolution printing.

2 - Select a puzzle holder the same size as your chosen photo. You can use high quality cardboard as a base and ideally it should be at least 0.3 cm. Even an old box can be used as a base. Don't also forget to choose a color for the back.

3 - To start, in addition to the photo and the base, you will need glue (liquid or spray to avoid damaging the photo), scissors, stylus, pencil, rubber, ruler and also a varnish to protect the photo.

4 - Paste the photo on the chosen base, use a roll or a bank card to remove the possible bubbles and to make the photo well stretched. Wait a few hours for the glue to dry.

5 - Apply the varnish and wait again for the recommended drying time of the product indicated on the packaging.

6 - Turn the photo over and start drawing the grid of your puzzle. Use a ruler to make the markings and draw a grid with sides about of 2 cm (for a larger puzzle, with smaller pieces) or 2.5 cm (for a smaller puzzle, with larger pieces). Start by drawing circular shapes (concave and convex semicircles) on each side of the squares so that the pieces fit together when the puzzle is cut. You can also use reversed triangles, squares or other shapes.


If you want to turn this process easier, there are several ready-made templates on the internet, in which case, just choose one of them, make a print screen and paste it on the back of your base.

7 - Cut the pieces of your puzzle with scissors or a stylus following the drawings made on the back of your photo. Cut the rows or columns first and then cut the pieces individually. Use the zip-loc bags o store the pieces of each puzzle.

Have fun!

Images: Pinterest

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