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A creative idea to decorate your home with photos is to make a photo mural. It's easy and simple to do and I guarantee you will still have fun reviewing and choosing photos to put on the wall. It is not just an option to decorate the teenagers' room.

Choose your favorite photos, the ones that remember special moments and arouse good feelings every time you pass them. Print your photos and create your own wall.


How to make


It can be made with different materials and in different formats. Cork, styrofoam, metal sheets, with or without frames, photos attached with nylon threads or durex tape. Round, rectangular, square, heart shape, everything will depend on your creativity. Use your imagination and decorate your wall the way you want.


Where to put


Bedroom, living room, corridor, office, there is no place to put a mural. Put it in a special place in the house, where you can recharge your energy and rejoice whenever you pass and reread the joyful, romantic and unforgettable moments of its history.


• Simple photo mural on the wall of the headboard


• Photo mural on black painted wall


• Heart-shaped photo mural (be careful with the size of the photos so that the distribution is equal on both sides of the heart)


• Photo mural in the corridor


• Straight photos with white frame


• Photos attached with electrical tape


• Mural with piece of wood


• Mural with ribbons


• Photo mural with styrofoam or cork


Styrofoam and cork are inexpensive materials that you can paint or cover with fabric. It's a good decoration idea and a good way to organize your photos.


Photo mural with flashes of light 


Putting a flasher with your photos is a very creative way to highlight your wall. It is bright and cheerful. After all, who said that the flasher should only appear at Christmas?


Rustic photo mural


Rustic usually refers to pieces made of thick material, without finishing, with wood, iron and small details. This does not mean that a rustic mural with photos of special moments is not charming.


Party photo wall


Why not use your photos to decorate a party? Creating a photo mural to decorate a party is a super cool idea. It is excellent to fill empty spaces or even to be the main focus of your decoration. Make sure your guests see your photos. You can upload current and old photos. Try a retrospective with pictures of each year of your life. What better way to celebrate than to relive our own history?


Children's photo mural


It is always difficult for mothers to choose just a few pictures of the baby. In this case, make a simple mural and change it whenever you want, placing the best photos of that phase month by month.


Mural to celebrate the wedding


Wedding anniversaries should be celebrated and it is a good idea to create a mural with the couple's photos. This will add a very romantic touch to your celebration. Choose pictures of children, the moment they met and everything they lived together until that date.


Tip: create simple murals without a lot of work. That way, it will be easier to disassemble and change places whenever you feel like. For this, use simple materials such as a preacher, ribbons, string and durex, among others.


Photo mural with travel memories


Once again I speak here about exposing the photos of your trips. It is a way to tell a little about your adventures around the world and remember very special moments.


So, have you decided which panel you will make first?

Images: Pinterest

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