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The sessions are ideally done in the studio for greater comfort for the baby, and ends with a delicious bath. However they can also be held outdoors should the parents prefer it, as long as it offers comfort and safety for the child and has adequate lighting conditions.

The theme of the session and the colors that will be used will be agreed on in a previous meeting and the decoration of the scenario will be prepared by me with great care.

The mother is responsible for bringing the cake to the session according to the family's preferences based on the theme. The cake can also be replaced by fruits, calling the essay as Smash the fruit.

Regardless of the choice between Smash the cake or Smash the fruit, this session provides your baby with a moment of experimentation and guaranteed fun!

When to do it?

It is recommended to do it as a milestone for your baby's first birthday, but it can be done until he/she turns 2 as this is still a phase of discovering colors, textures and smells.

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