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Before starting, you will need to review your digital albums, because with increasingly powerful cell phones, we take many, many pictures almost every day, not all of which are good or necessary.


Review files


With a few steps, you'll be able to put everything in order and lots of things in the trash:


• Delete bad photos (no focus, no sharpness, very dark) and also very similar photos. Choose the best two or three from each sequence.


• Also delete unimportant photos or irrelevant moments, such as prints of documents and reference photos that served only for a specific moment. Choose a criteria appropriate to your values ​​and start the game.


• Take advantage of this review to also select all of your favorite photos.




To start, develop a logic to create folders and subfolders. When you look for a photo, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? 

Are you looking for the anniversary day, that special trip, the dinner, the approximate time that the event/trip happened? So it is exactly this criteria that will work for your organization. If you are looking for an event, use this category to name your folders. If you are looking for a date, this should be your choice.

We are a family owned and operated business. The methodology teaches various forms of nomenclature, namely dates, events, people and even colors - it is possible to use colors in folders and in the priority of the photos, if that is your preference. Choose your criteria but remember to maintain a standard to help with the organization.


For example, you can create an album with the theme "Travel" and within it put the name of the "Countries/Cities" visited. If you luckily returned to these places more than once, put them in the same album, but use the dates to distinguish the travel folders. It is also important to choose a pattern when naming.


Ex: France album

Cote D'Azur - 2015 - May

Paris - 2019 - June


You can use any classification (Family, Holidays, Christmas, Holidays, Birthdays) as long as your choice facilitates the search when you need to find a specific photo.

Children's photos

When it comes to children, the ideal thing is for everyone to have their own album, after all we are starting to tell their story, aren't we? So put into these albums everything that is really interesting for you and for him in the future.

I advise you to make a chronological organization to make it easier. This will allow events such as pregnancy, birth, baptism, accompaniment photos, first birthday and any special moment to be considered in the construction of your children's memories. In the future, they will thank you and whenever you need to find a special photo, it will be quick and easy.

Chronology is the most important part and should be done carefully. Always try to use dates (years and months). At first, doing this may seem boring or unnecessary, but over the years it becomes very important, especially for baby pictures.

Tip: during your review, create a “Disposal” folder. This folder will help you to be more realistic when choosing the photos that should be deleted and will give you the security of being able to recover them if you change your mind. The review of this folder can be done every six months, and you will be absolutely sure that you do not need any photo of that folder.

Tip: try to create a folder inside each main album with the best photos, only the ones you liked the most and the ones that are most important. You can name a folder as “preferred”, “special”, “selected”. This will facilitate the time when you can save some time to share with someone - be it a presentation at the family event or when printing to put on the album or picture frame.

The creation of this folder also allows you to more easily choose or maintain the case of reviewing files, either due to lack of space or just because it no longer makes sense - as “special” photos will always be treated with care.


Tip: keep your photos at their original size. If this is not possible for some reason at the time of backup, at least guarantee your favorite photos without reducing the file size. This is a guarantee of improvement in the future with good quality, and without regret. The larger the file, the better the quality. So always make a good print.


Got the tips? Make a writing list of the requirements you want to use before you start renaming pasta. This allows the organization to be more efficient.

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